Indoor cleaning

Maintenance cleaning is specially designed for customers who do not want to worry about cleaning the premises, but just want to deal in their daily work. Maintenance cleaning is a regular cleaning service which is carried out at a frequency and on the conditions required by the customer, thus ensuring a pleasant appearance of the premises.

The performed maintenance cleaning work is to ensure the cleanliness of your office

Vacuuming of the floor carpet

Moist cleaning of hard floors

Removal of dust and other dirt from all the visible and the free surfaces of the space elements

Spot cleaning of doors/walls

Cleaning of glass partition walls and mirrored surfaces

Cleaning of the kitchen

Cleaning of toilets and shower rooms

This list is not exhaustive. We carry out work in accordance with the customer’s wishes.

In addition to the usual cleaning service, we equip your rooms with hygiene accessories

Toilet paper

Paper towels


Air fresheners

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