Comprehensive real estate maintenance service

We will keep your real estate clean, healthy and good-looking

We offer a variety of property maintenance solutions, from cleaning services to renovations. In addition, we offer planting services.

Quality property maintenance and cleaning services

If you want to find a reliable and long-term partner who would take care of maintenance of your office, commercial space, external territory or another object, contact us.

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Complete service

The provision of high-quality service is guaranteed with IF Estonian Insurance against civil liability.

Complete service

As we provide cleaning services on a regular basis, we are aware of condition of your office, which is why we can quickly react and perform smaller repairs and take care of the plants that decorate your office.

Always at your service

We work as required – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Special solutions

In addition to regular cleaning, we also offer customers special cleaning jobs.


We use a personal approach to find the optimal solution, taking into account the needs and capabilities of a particular client.

Property maintenance

Grandhaus offers property management and maintenance services. The package also includes the construction and minor repair service.


Indoor cleaning

Maintenance cleaning is specially designed for customers who do not want to worry about cleaning the premises, but just want to deal in their daily work.


Disinfecting cleaning

Workers of the company are its biggest asset. That’s why it is important to provide for them clean and bacteria-free working environment.


Rental of mud mats

Use of mud mats allows reducing cleaning costs because most of the dirt come indoors with visitors.


Special cleaning

In addition to conventional maintenance cleaning, surfaces also require special cleaning.


Outdoor cleaning

Outdoor territories give the customer the first impression of your company. Therefore, it is important that the lawn is mowed and the garbage bins empty.


Assistant service

Delegation is a conscious choice of a wise manager – a powerful tool that helps the manager to deal with what is really important and profitable!


Greenery service

In addition to maintenance services, Grandhaus also offers greenery services for offices and common areas. We offer a complete solution for both indoor and outdoor areas, from plant selection to maintenance.


Accommodation service

Do you need a reliable and professional cleaning service for your rental space or Airbnb? Our team can help you with that.


Quality cleaning and maintenance service

We use a personal approach to find the optimal solution, taking into account the needs and capabilities of a particular client. Feel free to contact us!