Property maintenance

Grandhaus offers property management and maintenance services. The package also includes the construction and minor repair service. For providing regular cleaning services, we will become familiar with the state of your office and respond quickly in performing our work. The goal is to provide solutions, the result of which the worries of your office will be resolved quickly and professionally. We offer a suitable time for performance of the work; we will organize and check the progress of the repair and construction work and be responsible for the quality and the deadlines of the work carried out.

Various minor repairs

Repair and installation of locks and handles

Relocation of furniture

Assembly of furniture

Installation of shelves

Wall paint spot corrections

Minor electrical work in the office

Exchange of switches and plugs

Exchange of lamps and fittings

Installation of technical equipment

Installation, repair and exchange of electrical systems and equipment

Plumbing work in the office

Installation, maintenance and repair of sanitary ware and equipment

Liquidation of sewer clogs

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