What does the price of the service depend on?

The factors that form the price are: location of the object, work volume, sizes of rooms, service schedule and special requests. We agree on the final price in accordance with the customer’s wishes. When you submit your inquiry, please make sure that you send us your telephone number, so that we could contact you to specify the received information and to agree on the time of inspection of the object if necessary.

Property maintenance

Grandhaus has added the real estate administration and maintenance service to its service package.

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Indoor cleaning

Maintenance cleaning is specially designed for customers who do not want to worry about cleaning the premises, but just want to deal in their daily work.

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Disinfecting cleaning

Workers of the company are its biggest asset. Everyone knows how important it is to take care of one’s own health and health of one’s relatives, friends and workers. If you are not able to send your workers to home offices, it is very important that you manage to ensure a clean environment for them.

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Special cleaning

In addition to conventional maintenance cleaning, surfaces also require special cleaning. The special cleaning is a thorough cleaning of surfaces and, if necessary, processing thereof with a protection agent, which is designed to minimize the long-term operating costs of the maintained surfaces.

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Rental of mud mats

Use of mud mats allows reducing cleaning costs because most of the dirt come indoors with visitors.

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Outdoor cleaning

Outdoor territories give the customer the first impression of your company. Therefore, it is important that the lawn is mowed and the garbage bins empty.

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