Management system

Grandhaus Group’s management system complies with the internationally recognized quality management system standard ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, to ensure compliance with the requirements, quality and meeting deadlines of the performance of the services.

Management principles


  • we want to be a reliable partner, acting openly, honestly and responsibly
  • we focus on understanding of the needs of our customers, and we adapt to their changes, offering modern and innovative solutions
  • we ensure provision of corresponding, fast, professional and correct services
  • we cooperate with our customers to ensure their satisfaction
  • we use reliable subcontractors and suppliers
  • if necessary, we give recommendations on how to reduce harmful impacts on the environment, paying attention to organization of waste management

Management principles

Suppliers and partners

  • we create and maintain long-lasting, stable and mutually beneficial relations
  • we are a demanding partner for the benefit of our customers
  • we provide honest and reliable feedback in order to constantly improve our services

Quality principles

We value quality

  • we ensure provision of a high-level service
  • we ensure satisfaction of our customers by way of effective, competent and timely services
  • we apply sustainable and environmentally friendly approach in all our activities
  • we develop competence of our workers
  • we apply modern, consistent and relevant management principles
  • we ensure effectiveness and constant improvement of our management system

Management principles

Within the company

  • we create for our workers opportunities for self-development in order to ensure constant improvement of services, effective work and awareness of the workers regarding quality and environmental policies of the company and regarding its goals
  • we provide good working conditions and necessary work means
  • we maintain friendly relations between our workers in order to ensure effective cooperation
  • we ensure satisfaction of our workers, engaging them in the process of its achievement

Management principles


  • we are a law-abiding company that observes all legal instruments and standards related to our services
  • we make every effort to be a sustainable and environmentally friendly company

Environmental principles

We care about nature

  • we are aware of environmental requirements and comply with them
  • in order to reduce pollution of the environment we reduce production of waste using best available options
  • we consume resources sustainably – we save water, raw materials and energy
  • we procure work means and services giving preference to those suppliers whose activities are environmentally friendly